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Our Story

What to know about us?


Derma Quenchers is black-owned and run by women. Our team consists of skin specialists and business leaders whose “soul” purpose is to hydrate your dry skin. We hand make our skincare products without chemicals, toxins, or testing on animals while using natural and organic ingredients that moisturize your skin.

Our mission?


To keep your skin moisturized with clean products. Simple.

Our causes?

The Bianca Modo Foundation

We have also partnered with the nonprofit organization, the Bianca Modo Foundation, to create programs dedicated to rebuilding confidence in girls and young women who have been abused and misused, especially in human trafficking. A portion of our proceeds go towards supporting this foundation's initiatives. For more information on how you can get involved, or if you would like to donate, please email info@modoglobal.com

Customer Service

T: (844) 384-6636

E: info@modoglobal.com

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